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Episode 27

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5 steps to maximise staff performance, engagement and retention

Which is better… a team of high-performers? Or a high-performing team?

Sounds like a trick question right?

I promise you there is a right answer—Choose correctly, and your team will perform well above and beyond the average team without burning out. Choose incorrectly and you will end up with a toxic work environment, poor performance, absenteeism and high staff turnover.

This article covers a step-by-step approach to maximising staff performance, engagement and retention and borrows from aspects of the 6 superpowers of great leaders, in particular INSPIRATION.

Learn the 5 steps leaders can take to maximise staff performance, engagement and retention

AGP Ep 21: Andrew talks—Why UX professionals make great leaders

For something a bit different, this episode features a recording of a talk I gave last week at the UX Brisbane meetup. But there’s value here for any technical professional. It also includes a short leadership self-test and tips on how you can level-up your leadership superpowers.

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