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Work smarter, not harder

Hard work is for hard-workers! Do you feel good when you've put in a long, hard day's work? Then I'm talking to you. The challenge we hard-workers face is hard work defines us. We have been told all our lives that hard work pays off, those who don't work hard are lazy...

5 things great leaders do to get the most out of each day

"There aren't enough hours in a day!" How many times have you thought that at the end of a day? How many times have people asked you how you are, and you can only reply with an emphatic 'Busy!' and a half-suppressed sigh? How many days have you felt like there have...

AGP Ep 27: Steve Hodgkinson—Platform+Agile. The formula for successful digital transformation in large organisations

Steve Hodgkinson is the CIO for Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services. Steve has spent time in both public and private sector and he believes this balance is the key to his success. Listen to hear his methodology for delivering successful digital transformation in large organisations that avoids the pitfalls of both waterfall and agile methodologies at enterprise scale.

5 steps to maximise staff performance, engagement and retention

Which is better… a team of high-performers? Or a high-performing team?

Sounds like a trick question right?

I promise you there is a right answer—Choose correctly, and your team will perform well above and beyond the average team without burning out. Choose incorrectly and you will end up with a toxic work environment, poor performance, absenteeism and high staff turnover.

This article covers a step-by-step approach to maximising staff performance, engagement and retention and borrows from aspects of the 6 superpowers of great leaders, in particular INSPIRATION.

Learn the 5 steps leaders can take to maximise staff performance, engagement and retention