AGP Ep 33: Jeff Haden—From Upworker to global thought leader. How to maintain your motivation all the way to the top

by | Feb 15, 2018

Jeff Haden is a world-renowned writer and ghostwriter. Much of what he has written about is in the leadership, influence and personal development space. We talk about some of the key leadership lessons Jeff has picked up from interviewing hundreds of the best in the world.


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“Trust is what drives people to work together as a team rather than as a series of individuals”—Kristy Simpkin
“Take the time to work out what genuinely motivates a person”.—Kristy Simpkin
"Inclusion is about so much more than just gender".—Kristy Simpkin



  • “People learn better from a story than the case studies and citations and research you bring along
    with it”—Jeff Haden
  • “I like where success and achievement intersect with happiness. It&’s not about money, it’s about a
    job well done”—Jeff Haden
  • “Motivation isn’t something that strikes you one day. Motivation actually comes from
    trying something and improving bit by bit. It becomes a virtuous cycle”—Jeff Haden

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