AGP Ep 27: Steve Hodgkinson—Platform+Agile. The formula for successful digital transformation in large organisations

by | May 30, 2017

Steve Hodgkinson is the CIO for Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services. Steve has spent time in both public and private sector and he believes this balance is the key to his success. Listen to hear his methodology for delivering successful digital transformation in large organisations that avoids the pitfalls of both waterfall and agile methodologies at enterprise scale.


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“Start small. Build momentum. Then compounding effects start to play.”—Steve Hodgkinson
%22Choose your battles wisely.%22—Steve Hodgkinson
%22Change the statuo quo%22—Steve Hodgkinson

Show notes



Topics discussed

  • Refining awareness to respond to a growing social consciousness
  • Digital transformation and the systems of information sharing: risks, challenges, and benefit realisation framework
  • Steve’s phases of involvement with Victoria State Government to drive digital innovation
  • Agile ways of implementing Information Technology Systems
  • Platform+Agile: What is it all about? The initiative behind the idea
  • Evolution of cloud service and cloud service platforms
  • The pitfalls of Waterfall implementations in government
  • The traps of Agile implementation in government
  • How to avoid them all using Platform+Agile
  • Empowering public services through Platform+Agile system implementation
  • The concept of Compounding Organization Learning
  • The role of strong digital leaders to bridge the gap between technology, the business, and the customer


“Sharing or not sharing is often a very difficult qualitative decision”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“There is a limitation in the flow of information when it is on paper”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“It is about freeing up capacity to service a demand”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Try to change the way of implementing information systems in an environment that is inherently complex”.  — Steve Hodgkinson
“Things are always changing; we need to be agile and adaptive” — Steve Hodgkinson
“The solution will become a platform of thoughts”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Consolidate. Standardize. Rationalize”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“You’ve just got to become an intelligent consumer of the platform on its terms”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Get around the real dynamics of what is possible and what is not”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“The critical thing is how fast can you make something visible to everyone”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Seeing is believing”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Get more innovation and systems out the door”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Move away from the naïve approach of waterfall”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Influence the people that work for you”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Start small. Build momentum. Then compounding effects start to play”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“The more things you have running, the more the compounding effect starts to play”.  — Steve Hodgkinson
“Exercise your common sense”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Leadership matters”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Leadership is principally around confidence”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Challenge the status quo”. — Steve Hodgkinson
“Choose your battles wisely”. — Steve Hodgkinson

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